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Learn how we turned Robyn Malcolm’s dream from a business brief into a briefs business.

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  1. Why Kiwi actress Robyn Malcolm got into the undies business (for real)
  2. How Robyn’s Undies went from a dream to reality - getting behind groups that support Kiwi women
  3. The tools and services that launched Robyn’s Undies with a Bang!
Robyn's Undies Customer Story
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So I called Yellow cause they really know Kiwi business and they sorted me out with my own Online Store and super-targeted Search Ads and now my undies are flying out the door!

Robyn Malcolm | Robyn's Undies

How We Got Robyn’s Undies Off The Ground

Robyn wanted to create undies that empowered Kiwi women to do their every day, Kiwi women stuff - while still feeling like an absolute goddess.

Like so many other Kiwi businesses, she got to work right at her kitchen table.

Deciding early on that these undies were to do some good, Robyn decided that The Aunties would receive all profits from undies sales. While NZ artist and friend, Karl Maughan gifted his beautiful artworks for prints.

Knowing she would need an easy way to showcase her undies and manage sales online, she looked around to find a professional but affordable business website.

Robyn decided to get Yellow in her corner because they are champs at backing Kiwi businesses. Just like Robyn’s Undies empower women to feel unstoppable – Yellow empowered her to get a brand spanking new website up and running the same day with an easy-to-use, beautifully designed template.


Websites powered by Yellow also offered Robyn an Online Store add-on where she could load all of her products with sizes, prices and descriptions of her undies.

With a hot website, and gorgeous undies ready to fly out the door, Robyn was ready to shout about her new business from the mountains. But shouting things from mountaintops only gets you so far, so how could she go online to really get sales pumping?

She booked a 30 minute chat with a Yellow Digital Expert who gave her some fierce ideas that she could use right away to reach more women who needed a fresh new pair of favourite undies.

The Digital Expert did some leg work and gave Robyn a full run-down of her competition in the undie space, and came up with a plan using Yellow’s super targeted Google Search ads to make sure online customers found Robyn’s Undies first.

Now that Robyn’s Undies is up and running, it’s all hands on deck! Between ordering fabrics and printing out courier labels, Robyn needs a hassle-free way to manage her online presence and see how things are tracking with her digital marketing. And what could be easier than having all that information wrapped up in one dashboard?

Setting up a new business is packed with challenges, but there’s no reason to get your knickers in a twist. Robyn’s Undies used Yellow’s tools and services to get started on the right foot, and business is booming.

When it comes to growing your business online, we’ve got you covered, just like Robyn’s Undies.

Yellow and my Digital Expert have been brilliant every step of the way. If you want your business to go digital - go yellow!

Robyn's Undies

The Tools Used To Launch Robyn’s Undies:

Our tools will walk you through the key sections of a business plan that will help bring your brilliant business idea to life! And kickstart your business online with our Going Digital Checklist to set your business up online to be discovered by customers. We've got all your bases covered right here.

The Tools Used To Launch Robyn’s Undies:

  • Business Plan
  • Going Digital Checklist