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DX Mail is a specialist player in the postal services market, catering specifically to business mail customers. As the only nationwide business mail alternative to New Zealand Post, DX Mail is dedicated to providing a fast and cost effective service to targeted customers.

DX Mail provides a wide range of business mail services and delivery options, to suit all kinds of documents and levels of priority.

DX Mail began in the 1970s as an interchange system for lawyers exchanging documents between practices. Over the past 37 years, DX Mail has grown into a dedicated business mail service.

Deregulation of the New Zealand postal market in 1998 further enabled DX Mail to expand its exchange network and range of services. As a specialist in business-to-business mail communications, DX Mail provides total mail solutions as well as customised internal mail systems.

The company is a subsidiary of the Freightways Group and has a national network of exchanges, air, road and line-haul connections. These enable DX Mail to provide a secure, reliable, cost-effective and convenient delivery service for all business mail.

What makes us different?

DX Mail is New Zealand's only specialist business and alternative end-to-end mail delivery service provider. Dedicated to business communication and the highest standards possible, we handle more than 40 million mail items a year. It is our rich history and our experience that enable us to perform the way we do.

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22 Wakefield Street Onekawa Napier 4110

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