Yellow online is New Zealand’s business search service that enables you to find what you need, where you need it – and when you need it.

Searching for a business is simple; just enter a keyword to find (“what”) and the location you need it in (“where”) and we’ll do the rest. You can also browse for businesses using our Category Directory.

Navigating the site

You'll notice several elements that appear on every page of Yellow online:

  • On every page of the website there is a header bar which links to important websites on the Yellow® Network.
  • At the top of each page are the What and Where search boxes and the Find button , which launches your search.
  • To navigate within the Yellow site there are links on all pages showing you where you are in the site. If you get lost, you can always hit the Yellow logo in the top left to return to the homepage.
  • The footer contains links including About us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Contact Us and Advertise on Yellow. Also included are links to follow our Social Media sites Facebook and Twitter.
  • There are a few standard Share buttons such as Send and Share. These allow you to share the page you are on via email, social media sites or you can simply print it.

These elements enable easy access to essential functions and provide a consistent way for you to locate important information from anywhere in Yellow® online. For a view of all the pages on the site you can visit our Site Map page.

I can’t find the business I am looking for?

Yellow® makes all efforts to have the most comprehensive collection of listings. However, it is solely at the advertiser’s discretion as to whether they want to be listed. Therefore in some cases we may not have the business you are looking for as they have opted out of being listed.

If you know of a business that isn’t online, and you would like to request it, you can suggest a business by completing our Suggest a business form.

I don’t seem to get any results for my search?

There may be many reasons for this unfortunately. The good news is that there are many ways to find what you need.

The first step is to review your keywords. Check that the spelling is correct, or try using fewer keywords.

Another way is to navigate using our category directory. All businesses have to list under at least one category. We have made best efforts to group our categories into a structure that would make sense to you.

Our listings are matched against a location matrix. When searching try using the auto assist functionality in the where box. Simply start typing and the auto assist will help by presenting the locations that our advertisers are listed against.

If you are looking for a specific business, they may not be registered with Yellow®. If you think a business is missing, please let us know.

If you have any questions on our category structure, or would like to recommend a category please Contact Us and let us know your thoughts.

Where are my Address Book and Trip Planner?

As part of the release of the new site, we have temporarily removed this functionality.

We are currently working on developing a new My Account section for you to save your favorite businesses and pages on Yellow.

If you previously had an account on Yellow®, we will email you and let you know how these changes will impact your information and when you can start using our new site features.

How do I use the Maps?

Yellow® uses the Wises Maps Application.

You will need Javascript enabled on your browser in order to view the maps. This is managed differently on each system so check with your browser help menu to find the right way for your computer.

On all pages you can Expand or Shink the map. To change, simply select from the viewing options Small map or Large map on a search results page.

All of the businesses shown on our maps are presented based on information stored by Yellow®.

How do I use Directions?

The Get Directions data is driven by the Wises Maps Application.

Simply enter the location you want to travel from and the location you want to travel to (or select a business from the list). You can even enter a stop off point!

The application will then show you a way to get from point A to point B (or C)

What does Show nearby businesses mean?

Show nearby businesses tool is useful if you want to find businesses nearby another. An example may be that you want to find restaurants near a theatre, or restaurants near your hotel.

Simply find a business that you want and then enter a search term and select go. A list of search results should show you options nearby the business you have selected.

Help Suggestion

If you think we need to add any additional help sections, please Contact Us and let us know your thoughts.

Ratings and Reviews FAQ's

For frequently asked questions regarding Ratings and Reviews, please click here.