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Neck, Head, Joints, TMJ, Feet, Knees, Muscles, Elbows, Back, Shoulders


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Pregnancy, Chronic Pain, Job Site Accidents, Athletic Injuries, Accidents, Headaches


Adults, Children, Toddlers


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About Zen Health Osteopaths

Structural/ Cranial Osteopaths

Male/ Female practitioners.
Open late EVERY day of the working week (until 8pm) and all day SATURDAY.

Holistic. Effective. Drug-Free Pain Relief; tailored to your individual needs.

The Osteopaths at Zen Health Clinic aim to treat the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms.

Why Zen Health Osteopaths?

We offer over 40 years of experience
Our Osteopaths are highly qualified, OSNZ Registered & ACC Accredited.
ONLY Osteopathic clinic in Auckland with 5 late nights (until 8pm)
ONLY clinic in Auckland open all day Saturday (until 6.30pm)
ONLY clinic in NZ to thank you for referring friends /family with a $10 credit to your next treatment.

Safe and Effective
Most patients conditions resolve in as little as 1-4 Osteopathic treatments.
Ample parking, on and off street, appointment availability, affordability.
Excellence in service

Osteopathic treatments for the whole family:
Babies - Children - Adults - Elderly

Zen Health Osteopaths offer complete pain relief care, where we will;

1.Aim to identify the root cause of your pain/ discomfort.
2.Indicate where your condition may need further investigation/ medical treatment, or whether osteopathy can alleviate the problem.
3.Discuss how many treatments you are likely to require to relieve pain/ resolve the issue where possible, so you can get on with life, and fast track your recovery time.
4.Decrease your pain and distress, by correcting the underlying mechanical imbalances in the musculo-skeletal system.
5.Aim to alleviate pain that may not have resolved from other treatments / pain relief drugs alone.

Sports injuries:
Back pain, bursitis, cervical spine injuries, dislocation, ligament tears, muscle strains, tennis elbow, reduced joint flexibility/ mechanical limitations.
At home / Work injuries:
Lumbar spine strain, tight/ aching muscles, restricted movement, disc injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, wrist injuries, neck/ shoulder pain, hip, knee, or ankle pain.
Pregnancy pain:
Chronic/ acute spinal pain, pelvis/ abdominal pain, headaches, high blood pressure, indigestion/ constipation. Morning sickness, breech positioning, urinary frequency. Prepares mother and baby for birth. Post-natal care.
Crying and feeding difficulties, sleep disturbance, sickness, colic and wind. Reflux. Ear infections.

We can also help you if you suffer from;
Arthritis, joint problems, chronic fatigue, M.E, stress related conditions, learning difficulties/ behavioural problems in children. Asthma, Glue-Ear. And general ill-health.

The Osteopaths at Zen Health regularly keep up to date with the latest Osteopathic and Medical developments in health care, through continuing professional development courses.

The Osteopathic Team

Ilya Chemeris
M.D, D.O MLCOM. Dip M.s Med (UK) M.Ost, M. OCNZ
Nataliya Chemeris
M.D, , Post grad: paediatrician, M.Ost, M. OCNZ
Paul Buchanan-Johns
B. App. Sc (Human Bio), Master of Osteopathy
OCNZ Registered

What makes us different

Complete osteopathic care and sports massaging is right around the corner. Your local Henderson facility believes in a holistic approach to healing. We target all tissues of the body, treating both everyday and sports related injuries. We also address other changes you need to make such as diet, posture, and exercise. Safe, natural, and drug-free. Visit Zen Health and get your body back to working like it should.


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Healthcare Providers NZ

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