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Pure Services Ltd is a company that was founded to offer people a one solution for all their cleaning requirements from specialized cleaning through to gutter cleaning and water blasting. We do the jobs not everyone wants to do and we do them well.

With fully qualified technicians we can tackle anything from a crime scene clean up to a clean-up of a mouldy house, general cleaning and everything in-between. Exterior cleaning is also a love of ours with our technicians extensively experienced in window cleaning, water blasting slippery mossy steps driveways and paths, dirty buildings and gutters up to 4 stories high without scaffolding.

It doesn't stop there, we love toys therefore keep up to date by purchasing state of the art equipment. Our most recent purchase was a gutter cleaning machine which allows us to clean gutters while keeping 2 feet firmly on the ground. How does this work? Simple, it has a vacuum motor attached to it and a camera so the technician can see inside your gutters. The benefit - In most cases no ladders will be necessary therefore there will be no damage to your spouting. As the gutter cleaning machine is designed to "suck" there is no mess left behind.

It's all conveniently taken away enclosed in our commercial vacuum machine. To make Pure Services Ltd stand out from the rest we added Pest Control to our list of services on offer. One of which is Borer. Borer is a bug bear of most Dunedin homes but with our fully qualified technicians we can offer solutions for even the toughest of bugs and at reasonable prices.

In summary if you have a cleaning problem or pest issues thats just not going away give us a call on 0800 47 82 16. All quotes are obligation free and free of charge. There is no reason why you should have to wait. Call us today for that quote.


Curtains, Drapes and Blinds are furnishings that tend to get neglected as we all put them in the too hard basket. They can shrink, they are large and who cleans them? Not to mention they are a very expensive part of your day core. Pure Services cleans them! We at Pure Services Ltd have technicians who have been cleaning curtains for over 8 years and have perfected the art.

We can remove mould from curtains and dirty sticky marks leaving your curtains beautiful and clean. It is important to realize that curtains are made from materials that are not pre-shrunk therefore; there is always a chance they will shrink. We have learnt how to reduce this chance by modifying our cleaning procedures.

We offer a fast and convenient service with a 3-5 day turnaround time. To get your curtains looking amazing simply call 0800 47 81 16. We will send you a prepaid pack, simply take the curtains down leaving the hooks in the curtains and put them into the prepaid pack.

Call the 0800 number enclosed to arrange the pick-up. Once the curtains have arrived here we will call you with a confirmed price and receipt of curtains.

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