Yellow Profile
Features & Benefits

A profile is more than just a listing. It's an online content template we've designed to deliver you to your customers. Create your Yellow Profile by hitting the button below.
Infographic of a series of Features & Benefits that our Yellow Profile product offers. 

"Having a Yellow Online Profile puts your business in front of more customers. Think of it as like your business voice and presence online - telling the right people where you are."

"Our beautifully crafted template displays your business details clearly. No Comic Sans in sight."  

"Reviews build trust and loyalty. Customers are more likely to choose a business that has been reviewed favourably."

"Change your details or add photos anytime – you’re in control." 

"A profile on is a fast and rewarding way of increasing a business’s quality score on Google, because updates happen regularly all over the site. Everyone reaps the benefits." 

"Much like the Yellow Books, on you’ll show up in a search alongside other similar businesses. That means you could lure a customer away from a competitor simply by having a presence." 

" ranks highly on google because we hold so much useful info, including our category and profile pages."

"In internet terms Yellow Online is a big fish. Joining Yellow helps smaller businesses to swim with the current." 

"Monthly reporting on your profile is sent straight to your inbox." 

 "SEO is taken care of because our profile fields are designed to ensure this (meta titles, tags etc)." 

"Reviews are moderated by us. We put trolls in the bin."