Why are there other advertisers on my page?

Yellow® provides a free landing page for every business in New Zealand. It's important to note, that if you don't have your own website, then advertising on Yellow® is a great way to get found on search engines such as Yahoo or Google.

Yellow® is a business however, and to be able to provide the most comprehensive listing service to New Zealand, we need to offer solutions to advertisers who pay for premium products.

Yellow® offers three premium products which aside from increasing your chance of being found on our search results page, also enables you to build your page up with rich content that your customers are looking for. The more information you have available on your page, the easier it is for your customers to decide if you're the right company to do business with.

By upgrading to a Gold, Silver or Bronze premium product your detail page will only show content about your business and not that of other businesses.

To find out how to upgrade, contact a Sales Representative now by calling 0800 803 803 or by Contacting Yellow® online.