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FAQ's for Businesses

FAQ's for Reviewers

Q. How do I post a review on Yellow Online?

Search Yellow Online for the business you want to review and once you’ve found them click ‘rate this business’. Choose your star rating, leave your review and submit. We’ll then ask you to give us a few details for your My Yellow account and send you an email with a validation link – easy.

Q. When will my review go live?

Once you submit your review it will go through a moderation process and be live within 48 hours. We’ll let you know by email when your review goes live.

Q. Can I change my review?

You’re welcome to update or change your review at any time. Just go back to your review and click on the edit option. You will need to be signed in to your My Yellow account to edit your review.

Q. Why do I have to create a My Yellow account to leave reviews?

Asking people to create a My Yellow account is one of the ways that we make sure reviews on Yellow Online are genuine and help Kiwis searching for businesses. We may also need to contact someone who leaves a review if it needs to be adjusted for spelling, grammar or language.

Your privacy is very important to us and we won’t share your contact details with the business you are reviewing.

FAQ's for Businesses

Q. Why would should I encourage customers to leave reviews on my Yellow Online Profile?

Many consumers look online for recommendations to ensure they are dealing with a trustworthy business. Having reviews on your online profile will set you apart from your competitors – the more you have, the better. Reviews are also great for getting insights into the experiences customers have had with your business.

Another benefit of having reviews on your online profile is that it gives you a better chance of showing higher in organic search results in search engines like Google.

Q. Are reviews displayed in any particular order?

We display the most recent reviews at the top of the page. If you want to showcase a great review from a customer you can choose to ‘feature’ it. Featured reviews appear at the top of the reviews section.

To feature a review simply click the ‘feature’ button underneath the review.

Q. Should I respond to reviews?

We encourage you to reply to all reviews you receive. It shows that you listen to your customers and appreciate that they’ve taken the time to let you know about their experience. Responding to reviews will make your customers feel valued, which is very important if you’re seeking repeat business. For help responding to reviews please read our helpful guide.

To respond to a review simply click the ‘respond to review’ button under the review on your online profile.

Q. What if I see a review that is inappropriate?

If you spot a review that you feel is inappropriate for any reason, please let us know. Under each review you'll see a link allowing you to mark this review as inappropriate. Just click the link, and it will come back to our team. The review will then be flagged for moderation. Once we’ve taken a look we'll get back in touch.

Q. Why can’t you give me the name and contact details of the person who published a review of my business?

Passing on contact details would be a breach of our site’s privacy policy. We want to create an environment where people feel comfortable to write a review, and passing on personal details would discourage this behaviour and could result in people feeling intimidated. All users are required to be registered and logged in before they can submit a review and they must accept our review guidelines. If a review does not meet these guidelines we will remove the review.

Q. Can I get a review removed?

You can get in touch with us and raise your concerns. Our team will check the review to see if it violates our review guidelines. Please be aware that we are trying to create a forum where our users can share both positive and negative experiences.

Advertiser Policy

We understand your business is your livelihood and to help protect your business we have a number of checks and measures in place to mitigate any potential negative impact.

Here are some of the measures we’ve put in place.

  • Validated registration and log in - before anyone can submit a review they must first be registered and logged in. All registrations are validated and checked to ensure they have been created by a human.
  • A moderation process – every single review submitted goes through a moderation process and is checked by the team at Yellow before it is published
  • If a review is published that you deem to be inappropriate or written by a competitor, the review can be flagged for moderation and will go through the moderation process again.
  • An escalation process – if you aren’t happy with a review that has been published and you have flagged the review as inappropriate you can escalate your grievances further by contacting your Yellow rep directly or emailing our disputes team: Once we receive your complaint we will investigate the review and make a decision on whether to keep the review up or remove it.

We won’t publish reviews that:

  • We have reason to believe are defamatory (that is, containing false statements about an identifiable person that could damage their reputation).
  • Contain criminal allegations. Users who have evidence of any allegations should discuss these with the New Zealand Police directly.
  • We have reason to believe are a self-review.
  • Contain spelling mistakes, poor grammar or inappropriate language.