A construction manager in a hi-vis with a browser showing an example of google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) result.

Search Engine Optimisation

Make your website Google-friendly.

Just like a finely tuned instrument, the success of your website’s performance can be helped along with some expert adjustments. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) helps to make your website attractive to search engines like Google, so your customers can find your website quickly and easily.

  • Drives high quality customers to your website
  • Creates a fast, user-friendly experience
  • Charge up your website for better visibility on Google

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which is the process of making your website Google-friendly, so the right customers can find your business. We take time to understand what products and services you want to focus on, then we get to work fixing the things we can do straight away to give your website a leg-up.

What you get with Yellow

  • A browser with a checklist and line graph to represent a website audit.

    Website audit

    We'll run a health check on your website to build a full picture of how we can turn website visits into customers.
  • Magnifying glass hovering over a browser with words to represent keyword research.

    Keyword research

    Once we know which products or services you want to promote, our team will put on their research goggles.
  • The letter ‘G’ to represent the Google logo.

    Google setup

    There are lots of smart things we can do to charge up your website for visibility on Google and make your site perform better.

  • A chat symbol with a tick inside to represent ongoing support.

    Ongoing Support

    Your business evolves and we respond. All day, every day.
  • An icon to represent a Google Tag Manager

    Tag Manager, Search Console

    Allows us to quickly and easily monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot
  • Magnifying glass hovering over line graph on browser to represent advanced tracking tools.

    Advanced tracking tools

    We delve into the depths of your website to identify how and where you can make alterations.

How much does it cost?

You're in control. Our SEO solution works best with New Zealand's small to medium-sized businesses. Our plans are based on the number of products and services you would like to focus. Audits start at $659 and our monthly SEO plans start from $349 per month.


    A 12 month plan to keep your SEO working hard.

    From $349

    Add this to your monthly plan and boost your SEO efforts with regular content including new web pages, blogs and video.

    From $399

    Add this to your monthly plan and boost your SEO efforts with regular technical calibration, including backlink analysis, competitor analysis, crawl errors and Google My Business audits.

    From $549

SEO Set Up


  • Technical Audit
    Keyword research
  • Google Setup - Analytics, Google
  • Tag Manager, Search Console
  • Advanced keyword tracking set up
    Webmaster Tools
  • Audit and configuration

$659.00 + GST 15%

Get in touchIf you’re already a Yellow website customer, get $200 off the SEO Setup price, as base SEO is included with Yellow website.

Ready to find out more?

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