Facebook Content

Get winning Facebook content for your business

We create a monthly series of 8 beautiful Facebook posts, designed for your business and planned to appear on your Facebook page. Regular image-based Facebook posts on your page help nurture loyalty and involvement.

$350 / month + 15% GST

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How Yellow creates Content on Facebook

With your brief in our hot little hands, we swing right into action.

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    8 images with the right copy to go along with them, to give you killer Facebook updates for your business page.
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    Our team take charge by planning and loading your posts into Facebook for you.
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    At the end of the month, we give you a nice snapshot of how everything went.
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    Based on the results you got, we offer suggestions for how you could make your posts work harder in future.

The Process

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  • Number one.

    We create the posts

    We get you to fill out a form to capture all the things about your business that we need to know. Then our clever little team use a bit of smarts and a bit of magic to create your 8 posts.
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    You review the posts

    You get to have a look and tell us what you think. If we haven't quite got it right, we make some changes, then it's back to you for a final look.
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    We make them live

    Then, sit back, have a cuppa and we'll get those Facebook posts locked and loaded to go live on your page, just how we've planned it on the calendar. Too easy!

Other marketing solutions for your business

  • Facebook Ads

    We put together a Facebook advertising campaign which is monitored and measured. Make sure what you post on Facebook is seen by your target customers.
  • Icon with a web browser and a magnifying glass, with dollar symbol.

    Search Ads

    Target customers searching on google for the things you offer. It's highly targeted advertising that brings more business, you can accurately measure.
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    Search Engine Optimisation

    Fine-tuning your website through SEO makes it more attractive to search engines. It also helps increase the quality and the quantity of your traffic.

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