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Mobile Applications

Yellow® is available on Windows7 and iOS, for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

All YPG applications are free to download from either the iTunes App Store (iOS), GooglePlay or the Zune Marketplace (Windows7), where available.

The Yellow® apps incorporate both White pages® residential search and Yellow® business search, allowing users to access both directories straight from their phone. Users can search under either the Business (What/Where) or Person (Who/Where) tabs. Features include list & map view of search results, refined search options (by category, or businesses servicing the area), detailed business information, call direct via the app, add to contacts, sharing via social media and email.

Frequently Asked Question about Apps and M Sites

How does a mobile site differ from a mobile app?


M.sites are available to all mobile users. They're just distilled versions of the standard website, so can run on any phone with a browser. Device detection presents an optimised version of that website to the relevant device dimensions. Mobile applications are only available to those with smartphones who choose to download the application.


M.sites update automatically, as your phone loads the latest website content, while mobile applications require you to download the latest version when updates are released. Updates are often indicated within your phone downloads app.

Which mobile phones can access the m.sites?

The m.sites are available for customers on the Telecom XT, Vodafone and 2degrees networks with an Internet or WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) capable phone. WAP is essentially a cut down version of the internet especially formatted to make it easier to read on your mobile phone.

Are all Yellow® business listings displayed within the Yellow applications?

All businesses on are available to the application – however, results shown will be dependent on the user's search.

The business [xyz] appears online, but isn't showing up on the mobile app, why?

This could be because the business is not in the radius of search, so try searching the whole city/town. It could be that the business is a "servicing" type business (typically Plumbers, Electricians etc), so hit the "Servicing the Area" button to see these listings. It could also be because you are searching for a business in the Person section, which only lists residential White Pages listings. Or, it could be because the business you are searching for does not have a Mapping Address loaded in our database. While a business may appear online, it will not show on the application if there is no Mapping Address.

Are the positive reviews on the Apple App Store all from Yellow employees?

All comments on the app store are genuine user comments. Yellow does not post comments on the site.

What are the differences between the iPad and iPhone apps?

The biggest and most obvious difference is the screen size. With the increased screen dimension the iPad allows us to display search results on a full-screen map, rather than in a simple list. The other key difference is that you can call the business or person straight from the iPhone app, whereas on the iPad, because it isn't a phone, this isn't possible. There are other small differences in form and function, but the core experience is the same.

If you have any queries about our m.sites or mobile applications please contact us