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The more reviews you write, the more points you earn.

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Remember - the more reviews you write, the more points you earn!


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Every review

3 Fly Buys points for every review

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Receive 10 bonus Fly Buys points

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Receive 20 bonus Fly Buys points

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register with Yellow Online to earn Fly Buys points?

Yes, we need you registered in our system to allocate points to your Fly Buys account. You can register by completing the registration form after you leave a review and then verifying your email address by clicking on the link in the email we’ll send you.

How long will it take for my points to show on my Fly Buys account?

You will earn 3 points each time you write a review and it’s published – these points will show on your Fly Buys account within 2 working days once the review is published. Bonus points will take up to 7 business days to show in your account once your review is published.

Can I earn points for reviews I’ve written in the past?

Unfortunately you cannot earn points for past reviews. Points can be earned on reviews left after 17 August 2016.

What can I earn points for?

At the moment you can only earn Fly Buys points for leaving reviews on Yellow Online.

Get started and earn points the following ways:

Every review Earn 3 points for each review
Your 10th review Receive 10 Bonus points
Your 25th review Receive 20 Bonus points
I forgot to add my Fly Buys number before I submitted my review, can I still get the points?

If your review has not been published you may still be able to earn points for that review. Simply add your Fly Buys number to the personal details section of your My Yellow account before your review is published.

Can I earn points if I review the same business more than once?

You cannot review the same business more than once. Fly Buys points system only recognises unique reviews, so you’ll earn points each time you submit a review for a different local business.

I don’t have a Fly Buys account, how do I get one?

Easy. Visit the Fly Buys website to sign up to Fly Buys and start earning points straight away. Then all you have to do is remember to enter your Fly Buys number when you are writing a review on Yellow.

If you have any other questions about Fly Buys – take a look at Fly Buys FAQs

If you are a business owner and you have questions about ratings & reviews click here

Fly Buys Terms and Conditions

Fly Buys Points offer valid from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018 at yellow.co.nz ("Yellow") when a user submits and has a compliant review published on Yellow. Users must register on Yellow to leave a review and enter their Fly Buys or New World Clubcard number in the review form. Users must not register multiple accounts, nor review the same business multiple times. The user will receive 10 bonus points on having their 10th review published and 20 bonus points on having their 25th review published on Yellow during the promotion period. We may limit the number of reviews that are eligible for this offer, and we may refuse to publish any Review, or remove any Review, at our discretion. Reviews must comply with our Guidelines, and use of Yellow is subject to our Terms of Use. Any breach of the Guidelines or Terms will result in Fly Buys Points being invalidated. We may vary, extend or withdraw any part of this offer at any time, for any reason.